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Inflating faster than a human blinks, Helite air vests protect during impact.

A protective air cage is created cushioning your body and vital organs from impact.

The vest is tethered between rider and bike and is activated in the event of an 'off'.

Over 30Kg of force is needed to trigger - making it difficult to activate the vest by mistake.

A small, easy to replace CO2 canister powers the inflation, giving you maximum protection again and again.

Maximum freedom and protection.

On Road. On Track. On Terrain.


Trigger Mechanism

Displaying cannister

Each vest has a multi-directional trigger which connects to the bike lanyard. This lanyard only needs to be fitted once, and remains on the bike. Lift the saddle, find a suitable piece of frame and loop around and adjust the length for a convenient and secure connection.

When mounting, click-connect to the lanyard and you are ready to go. A pillion lanyard may also be fitted.

30Kg of force is needed to deploy the vest. If you forget to 'disconnect' from the bike, you will simply feel a tug when dismounting. This is not enough to set it off, allowing you to disconnect without incident.

In the event of an 'off' the pull is strong and immediately triggers inflation



Protective Air Cage


Even on the largest of our vests, full inflation is achieved within 90 milliseconds. A human blink takes 400 milliseconds.

The design creates a protective cage around your ribs, shoulders and back at an optimal pressure. This cage dissipates the energy of impact far more effectively than a simple thick foam layer ever can, giving maximum protection to your vital organs.

CO2 continues to flow into the vest, balanced by a pressure relief valve to maintain full inflation for 10 seconds or more. Ample time to come to a complete halt and assess the situation. The vest will deflate automatically or may be rapidly deflated by loosening the cartridge.



Turtle Technology

air bag motorrad turtle
bon Turtle-1.Banner SANS TEXTE

Combining a tough CE 2.0 back protector on the outside with the softer airbag on the inside delivers maximum protection.

Turtle Technology (hard on the outside, soft on the inside) is a major innovation in active safety equipment - dissipating impact energy around a protective cage of air. Impact energy is dissipated more efficiently achieving much lower transmission of force to vulnerable areas including spine, ribs and vital organs.

Minimising the trauma from impact on internal organs was a key part of the design brief. A well fitting Helite TT Air Vest will bring maximum protection.


Download a sample Helite instruction manual here.


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