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Shiny Sauce Cleaner 1L Trigger Spray


Shiny Sauce ™ is an all-in-one-bottle, environmentally safe, biodegradable, pH-neutral, water-based, general-purpose cleaner which will cut through mud, mould, algae, bird fouling, sticky pollen, dead insects, traffic film and light grease and oil contamination with ease. It can even clear baked-on carbon/soot and brake dust deposits.

It is safe to use on painted, powder-coated, anodised and bare metals, all rubbers, vinyls, plastics and composite materials, as well as glass and ceramic surfaces.

Originally developed by Aegis Moto Ltd for their Shiny Bike Syndrome™ Motorcycle Preservation Service, it became clear that Shiny Sauce™ can clean so much more than just motorcycles, offering superb cleaning action for so many home, garage, workshop and industrial applications.

It is packaged in a robust recyclable bottle with a top quality trigger-spray head forming a ‘pistol grip’ that’s comfortable to hold and has no corners or seams to dig into your hands as you use it.


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