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When the unexpected happens, Helite air vests and jackets deliver active protection whatever bike you ride.

It's the one piece of kit that you hope you never use. But when it counts, you want maximum freedom and protection from a brand leader, engineered to the highest standards of quality and rigorously tested.

Our world-wide community of thinking riders have invested in getting the best protection they can - On Road, On Track and On Terrain. Love Life and Ride believe that this technology helps us all enjoy the freedom of motorcycling whilst maximising the protection we need to survive an incident.

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"I have now completely justified my decision to purchase a Helite vest. Last Monday on my way home from work, the vest underwent a full operational test!! The gentleman who did a U-turn in front of me needs a new car... I need a new bike... but I walked way with only bruise on my arm. It felt like it happened in slow motion - the vest deployed mid-air and I landed on the road with no injury from the fall. I'm 100% convinced that if I had not had my vest on I would have been injured. A Helite vest is an essential piece of safety equipment. P.S. Please may I have a new air canister ?"

Pete Collins, Berkshire, UK

"Trailquest runs expeditions all over the world often in very remote and extreme locations. We have an accident free track record which we strive hard to maintain and we are very happy to advise our team members about the value of the Helite safety vests. Any injury in a remote area can quickly become very serious and any equipment that can mitigate such problems should be given serious consideration. During the recent Trans Baviaans expedition in South Africa several riders wearing the Helite vests suffered falls whilst riding on rocky and gravel trails and none sustained any injury.Light weight, simple to operate and easy to wear the vests proved their value time after time."

Richard Jeynes, BA MA FRGS - Director Trailquest Adventure

"I was on the 2016 Trans-Baviaans expedition. Approaching a gravel strewn right hand bend, I realised i was going in too fast. The bend was tightening and I tried to slow and turn in, back end started to slide, corrected but over corrected and the bike suddenly 'high sided' me off. I remember the vest tightened as I was in mid air before impact and had minor bruises to my right elbow and left knee. A quick change of the cylinder and we were on our way - easy to do . See and read more on my photo blog, just click the link on my name below"

Pete Gill, Stockport, UK

"My Adventure jacket has the airbag integrated inside. It’s a great fit, and makes me look slimmer :-) I’ve used it in heavy rain with no leakage through any of the fasteners. When needed, the air vent zips allow plenty of cooling. But the biggest plus for me is the confidence it brings. No one wants an off, but knowing I have added protection should it ever happen is a real comfort."

Martin Fletcher - Director, Tower Garage, Marlow, Bucks

"We rented two vests to try them on a long weekend to Brittany. Once clicked in, you honestly forget you are wearing them. Renting gave Lindsay and I great peace of mind that should something untoward happen we were as protected as we could be. We were so impressed we have now bought two."

James and Lindsay, Newbury, Berkshire

"After you lent me one for the weekend you trapped me ! I now don't feel fully dressed riding without it. Having written off three police bikes in my career and broken more bones than I can count I wear it all the time. A lot of those broken bones probably would not have occurred had I been wearing my vest; my collar bones, ribs and pelvis would have been much better protected. It is very comfortable and I hardly know it's on when wearing it."

Sean, Aberystwyth, Wales

"My new tourer jacket is magnificent. It kept me completely dry and warm throughout the trip despite the pouring Welsh rain! One thing I really like is it has so many pockets allowing easy access to the things I need - bike keys, lip balm, money, tissues, phone, glasses and credit card. All accessible in a flash, but neatly kept in their own sections."

Zohreh, Ascot, UK

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